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     My name is Mark Ferrante and I am running for Judge in the *Sixth Judicial Subcircuit in Cook County in the March 20, 2012 Primary Election.

     If you live within the Sixth Judicial Subcircuit, I am the 2nd candidate on your Primary Election, Democratic ballot.
     Although I am positioned 2nd on the ballot, my years of legal experience far exceed the years of experience of all of the other candidates.  After participating in 4 very rigorous judicial evaluation processes, the Chicago Bar Association's judicial evaluation committee recently rated me "HIGHLY QUALIFIED" to serve as a judge.

     I encourage you to explore my website and to research my qualifications and the qualifications of my opponents in this election before you cast your vote.  After you complete your research, I believe that you will find that I am the most qualified candidate to be elected and to serve as a judge.  If you agree and elect me, I will be honored to serve you and the citizens of Cook County as a Circuit Court judge.

Thank you for visiting my campaign website,


     Please check the "News and Events" section of this Website for the latest developments in my campaign for Judge and please check the "Volunteer" and "Donate" sections to find out ways you can help me with my campaign.

Where is the 6th Judicial Subcircuit?

     The Sixth Judicial Subcircuit is a court ordered set map which includes a portions of a variety of neighborhoods, including RoscoeVillage, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Humboldt Park, Albany Park, Ravenswood, Belmont-Cragin, Urkranian* Village and East Village, West Town, North Center, Lincoln Square, Portage Park, Jefferson Park, North Park, and Irving Park.]

      For a map showing the 6th Judical Subcircuit boundaries, click on the blue highlighted link below:


Judicial Qualifications:
      After over 32 years of working in the legal community, I am very proud to report that, of the current ballot of eight candidates, I am the ONLY judicial candidate to have received ratings of:

by several of the bar associations which conduct the judicial evaluations for the Illinois Supreme Court in the Winter and Spring of 2011.  It is necessary for all judicial candidates to submit to and successfully complete this **rigorous process prior to being allowed to sit on the bench as a judge.

**[The evaluations process requires candidates to complete two lengthy applications which request very detailed personal, employment  and legal experience information dating back to the start of the candidate's pre-law employment start date. Two evaluation processes are conducted simultaneously but separately by an alliance of civic and ethnic bar associations and by the Chicago Bar Association. After the bar associations conduct a thorough investigation by interviewing dozens of references, employers, opposing counsel and judges, the candidate must sit for a live interview before an evaluation committee panel consisting of approximately 20 members of the alliance of bar associations. The evaluation committee panel members then report back to their respective bar association members who then make their collective decisions as what level to rate each candidate. This process took approximately 7 months to complete.]

Professional Experience:
     Over thirty-two years ago, while I was still enrolled in college at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, I started as a law clerk-intern with the Corporation Counsel's Office (the Law Department for the City of Chicago). After starting law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1980, I was hired by the City's Law Department where I worked during all 3 years of law school and then as a trial attorney for 3 and a half years, defending the City in all aspects of complex injury litigation, including defending police officers in Federal, Civil Rights lawsuits. As part of my initial training, I prosecuted hundreds of traffic court and misdemeanor criminal cases on behalf of the City of Chicago.

     In 1987, I entered private practice where I represented plaintiffs in lawsuits which involved complex personal injury matters of serious injury or death.  In 1991, I opened my own solo practice law firm.  For over 28 years, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients with their serious legal matters, have started hundreds of jury trials and have tried 16 jury trials to verdict, including 2 additional bench trials in the Circuit Court of Cook Count and in Will County.  I have litigated matters in Federal and State Courts throughout several counties in Illinois, in several other states and also in Canada.

Personal Background/Public Service:
     I was born in Chicago, have been a life-long Chicago resident and have been a 15-year resident in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago. In my spare time, I have been a youth ice hockey coach and served as the Elected Community Representative on the Local School Council for Audubon Elementary School.
     In 2005, I was awarded a Pro Bono, Excellence in Public Service, attorney of the year award by the Federal Bar Association and the Federal Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Personal Pledge:
With the vote of my friends and neighbors in the Sixth Judicial Subcircuit in Chicago, I hope to have the honor of serving my fellow citizens of Cook County as a judge. I pledge to carry the same high level of professionalism I have always applied to my law practice to the office of Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

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