Mark V. Ferrante's Qualifications to be a Circuit Court  Judge:

      In the Winter/Spring months of 2011 and again in December 2012 for

this election, Mark submitted to two separate, but both vigorous, judicial

evaluation processes, one by the Chicago Bar Association and the other

by The Alliance of Bar Associations (composed of 11 civic and ethnic bar

associations, including the Illinois State Bar Association).

     Based upon his extensive litigation experience, legal ability, public

service and professionalism,
and Mark was rated:  

highly or well recommended/qualified”

by ALL 12 of the independent bar associations.  A summary of the

bar associations and their ratings for MARK is set forth below:

BAR ASSOCIATION:                                               RATING:

  • Chicago Bar Association                                                              HIGHLY QUALIFIED
  • Asian American Bar Association                                    QUALIFIED

  • Black Women’s Bar Association of Greater Chicago       RECOMMENDED

  • Chicago Council of Lawyers                                           WELL QUALIFIED

  • Cook County Bar Association (African American)           RECOMMENDED

  • Decalogue Society of Lawyers (Jewish)                           HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Hellenic Bar Association (Greek)                                     RECOMMENDED

  • Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois                          HIGHLY QUALIFIED

  • Illinois State Bar Association                                           QUALIFIED

  • Lesbian & Gay Bar Association of Chicago                      RECOMMENDED

  • Puerto Rican Bar Association                                          HIGHLY QUALIFIED

  • Woman’s Bar Association of Illinois                               RECOMMENDED

*[The judicial evaluation processes for the Alliance of Bar Associations and for the Chicago Bar Association: required Mark to submit a lengthy written application listing each and every employer, each jury trial (listing judge and opposing counsel for each), and listing multiple judicial, legal and personal references; involved an exhaustive personal background and legal experience investigation by judicial evaluation committee investigators; and it also required Mark to submit to a personal interview by select evaluation committee members from each of the bar associations which conduct the judicial evaluations.  After the interview portion of the process, and after considering all of the application and investigator's findings, the judicial evaluation committee members of each bar association convene and then vote on a qualification rating for each candidate.

NOTE:  Of all of the candidates in this Sixth Subcircuit judicial race, no other judicial candidate received "highly" and "well" qualified/recommended ratings which Mark received from the judicial evaluation committees.